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In normal, you need to deploy a hardware SIP PBX, or deploy PBX software in a PC/server, to build a local VoIP network. You have to care lots of things, such as communication services, public IP address, system stability, network attacking, NAT, and so on.

This cloud system provides virtual SIP PBXes, our professinal team will be responsible for the whole system, so you don't need to warry about above issues and only need to focus on the VoIP deployment. You can manage your own virtual SIP PBX, create extensions, connect to different VoIP providers and deploy lots of communication services by yourself.

Each virtual SIP server is a virtual miniSIPServer. If you are familiar with local miniSIPServer software, you will find the virtual miniSIPServer is almost same with that. If you have no experience on miniSIPServer or VoIP system, please refer to step by step document to build a simple VoIP network, you will find it is quite easy.