No setup fee, only 0.03 USD for each resource per day.

A resource can be:

  • Extension (local user)
  • External line
  • SIP trunk (SIP server)
  • Customized resource, such as audio files, IVR-XML, and so on

For example, if you have three extensions and one external line, your account will be charged twelve ((3+1)*3=12) cents per day.

Please pay attention to following items.

  • The virtual server will be charged on resources, not on how many calls you will make or receive.
  • If there isn't balance in your account, you can still try calls but each call will be limited to less than 60 seconds.

We are not a traditional VoIP provider who provides international calls services. We only provide virtual IP-PBX, so please DO NOT ask us the rate for somewhere. To do that, you need refer to a VoIP carrier. Of course, you can use our cloud system to connect all your VoIP providers' systems.