Sometimes we need manage several cloud-mss nodes (virtual sip-pbx) at same time. Of course, we can sign up several cloud-mss nodes by using several email address. It seems complex and hard to maintain so many nodes. To resolve this problem, we need work as "reseller".

Basically, reseller can sign up one account and manage several cloud-mss nodes, and can renew each node independently. In anther way, we provide different discount for resellers.


It is FREE to sign up and active a reseller account.

To protect our system and save resource, it will cost $9 to create a new cloud-mss node. It is one-time fee.

For each cloud-mss node, it is same with common node and will be charged on resources.

Reseller can have below discount when renewing account. For example, if you renew $200, the balance will be $260.

Renew value (USD) Discount
200 or more 30%
150 or more 20%
100 or more 15%
50 or more 10%
Q1: How to create a new cloud-mss node?

In reseller panel, please click mene "resource / servers", then click button "Add a server" to do that.

Q2: How to manage cloud-mss node?

In the cloud-mss node list, please click 'edit' image button to jump to cloud-mss node management interface, then you can configure it as common node.

Q3: how to renew cloud-mss node?

In the cloud-mss node list, please click 'balance' linker to renew node. Cloud-MSS will reduce reseller's balance to renew node according to your operation.

Q4: how to back to reseller panel from node management interface?

Please click menu "Profile / Back to reseller panel".