Speed dialing

1. Description

Speed dialing, sometimes it is also named as abbreviated dialing, is a traditional PBX service. It allows users to make calls by pressing a reduced number of keys. This service is particularly useful for users who dial certain numbers on a regular basis.

2. Configuration

Please click menu "Services / Speed dialing" to show and edit configuration. Below figure is the snapshot of such window.

configuration dialog

2.1 Configuration items
Item Description
Caller number* The number of local user who is using current speed-dial service. If it is configured as "*", that means for all calls.
Dialed number* Speed-dial user dials this number to invoke a call.
Destination number when caller party dials such "dial number", the called number will be changed to "destination number" and selecting routing according to this number finally
2.2 Examples
Caller number Dial number Destination number Description
* 1 101 For all local users, if they dial number "1", the calls will be routed to "101".
100 1 913800138000 if local user "100" dials number "1", the call will be routed to "13800138000" through external line since "9" is the default out-group prefix.
100 2 102 if local user "100" dials number "2", the call will be routed to local user "102".