Can I use my own SIP server name?

As we know, Cloud-MSS assigns a unique virtual server name for each account, such as ''. Some customers hope to use their own SIP server name, such as their company domain name or subdomain name, then they can deploy their VoIP network with unified experience.

Sure, no problem. We can establish a relationship between customers' own server name and virtual server name.

For example, you want to use '' as your server name, and your virtual server name is ''.

First, you need update your company DNS record (CNAME record), and redirect '' to '', then once your SIP clients/devices want to communicate with '', they will be redirected to ''.

Second, we need update Cloud-MSS to know '' is valid and should be mapped to ''. Please contact us with following information, we will update cloud-mss record to establish this relationship.

  • Cloud-MSS account
  • Your own server name

After above two steps, you can use your own SIP server name to deploy your VoIP network now.