Call waiting

1. Description

miniSIPServer provides simple "call waiting" service. When a calling party makes a call to called party which is in busy state, miniSIPServer will hold this call and play waiting music to the calling party if the called party has 'call waiting' service right. Once the called party is available, miniSIPServer will reconnect prevous call to the called party automatically.

2. Configuration

We only need to configure "call waiting" service for the local user. In local user configuration dialog, please click tab "Supplementary services" and enable "call waiting" item. Please refer to below figure.

call waiting service indicator of local user

3. F.A.Q
Q1: My phone has 'call waiting' too, is it conflicted with miniSIPServer?

miniSIPServer can support 'call waiting' at SIP phone side. It is no problem. In fact, if SIP phone processes 'call waiting', miniSIPServer will not do it again.

If miniSIPServer processes 'call waiting', can I press R key to switch between two calls?

No, you cann't do it at this time.